Every year we hold a Holiday Bible Program during one of the school term holidays, over the course of a few days, and have singing, lessons from the Bible, some art and craft activities and of course some food.

This year, 2018, we held the program from the 2nd of July to the 6th of July, at the Notting Hill Neighbourhoud House, 37 Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill, 3168, from 9:30am to 12:30pm daily.

Program Schedule 2018

Time Activity
9:30 am         Stretch the vocal chords
9:50 am         Announcements
10:00 am         Message from the Bible with Moral and Spiritual lessons for children
10:20 am         Test your Memory Skills (Part 1)
10:30 am         Morning Tea & Token exchange for prizes from ‘Treasure Chest’ and ‘Table of Treats’
11:00 am         Test your Memory Skills (Part 2)
11:15 am         Team Quiz Competition
11:30 am         Art & Craft
12:15 am         Freetime & even more Token exchange for prizes
12:30 pm         Close


Registration for next year’s HBP will be open closer to the date.

Parental Consent Form

Please download and print a copy of this HBP consent form, fill in, sign and bring along with your child(ren) when attending the Holiday Bible Program.

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