Sunday School

What is Sunday School?

It is a time when children come together to learn about God’s way to heaven.

We sing songs (choruses) and we tell stories from the Bible and we do interesting activities.

If you are in this neighbourhood, pay us a visit on Sundays at 3.45pm and we will give you a free gospel text to hang on your wall. Every year we have a prize giving day for those who come along frequently and bring friends along.

If you would like transport, please call us on the telephone numbers listed in the information section.

Older boys and girls are also invited. We show you what the bible says about our souls, heaven, hell, the devil, the church, a christian and lots more. We refer you to the gospel page and this month’s article.

All Sunday School workers have a Victorian Working With Children Check and there is a superintendant who is responsible for the operation of the Sunday School.

The sole desire of teachers is to bring the children to know Christ as their Saviour and to instil moral and Divine values for a fulfilling life to the glory of God.