1. South Oakleigh Gospel Hall (SOGH) is a child safe organisation. Please refer to our Child Safe Policy.
  2. Registration for Holiday Bible Program (HBP):
    2.1 Zoom US is not intended for use by those under 16 years of age.
    2.2 Registrations must be completed truthfully by a parent or guardian, for attendance by their children aged 5-12.
    2.3 Registration is free. There is no charge for the HBP.
    2.4 Registrants will be sent a unique link which cannot be shared. Sharing will prevent the registrant’s own attendance.
    2.5 Registration is open to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
  3. Conditions of joining the HBP:
    3.1 Video must be on at all times, with the child/children and supervising adult(s) visible and in frame.
    3.2 For the protection of all children and confidence of all parents/guardians, any attendees with videos that are turned off will be removed from the session.
    3.3 Screens will be renamed to the child/children’s first name(s) and surname initial, and their participation recorded for later reward.
    3.4 All HBP workers and helpers will have a Victorian Working-With-Children Check (or equivalent State-based check), and have read and agreed to our Child Safe Policy and related Code of Conduct.
  4. Copyright and Privacy:
    4.1 There must be no audio or visual recording of any part of a session.  
    4.2 Submission of worksheets will be taken as consent for their display during subsequent sessions or publication in a forthcoming 2022 HBP calendar.
    4.3 SOGH respects your privacy and the confidentiality of information you provide. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  5. Third Parties: SOGH will not sell your personal information nor use it for marketing purposes. However, if you wish, we can pass your details to a nearby local Christian assembly.